About us

Welcome to New Jan 2

We started NewJan2 out of a necessity, a need if you will. There was a terrific company in the central Ohio area by the name of Newark Janitorial. As a result of a debilitating illness, they needed to close their doors in 2005.
Because of this void in the area, we felt that it was time to start a new company, NewJan 2. NewJan 2, was created and opened in that same year. The company is owned by Ace Winters and JD Rogers and is veteran owned and operated. Together we have over 50 years’ experience.

About us


We are a full service supply and services company. When we started out, we only offered janitorial supplies to the surrounding areas. As we grew, we realized that there was and is a need to offer janitorial cleaning services. With the supply side of the business, we offer hundreds of different products to help you with your business. We offer free delivery up to a certain mile range and no fuel surcharges. It has always been our thought that if you choose to purchase from us, you are already going to do that business with us, why would we charge you more for doing business with us through charging a delivery fee or fuel surcharge?? SO WE DON’T.
With the janitorial services we offer a full range of services, which includes Contract Services. These include everything you the customer may need from window cleaning to carpet cleaning, floor stripping and recoating with acrylic fortified wax. Daily office cleaning etc. 1 time construction clean up

About us


It is our sole mission to assist the public in any way we can in this industry. We pride ourself in customer service and we look forward to assisting you with any supplies and or services you may require. We offer free quotes on any and all supplies and services. So, Welcome to NewJan2! How may we be of assistance to you?
JD Rogers & Ace Winters

Ace Winters